Make your child loves the hospital during the examination

Make your child loves the hospital during the examination
Your child may visit the hospital for medical examination just simple , but his stay in the hospital for more than a day is even more difficult , in a child's imagination sometimes the hospital is just the place to take him to punish him . Therefore Flaky you to be ready to face the child and convince him if he had to be patient and stay overnight in the hospital for more than a day .
The children usually feel bored during their stay in the hospital so you can entertain your child that Tjelby his coloring books and some different games than be occupied for some time and put away the boredom . If your child can write , you can get him to write about his stay in the hospital.
Make sure to be your child's room in the hospital luminous and intervention sunlight , have you also you will make the child feel that his room in the hospital , such as his room in the house a little bit by bringing toys and some of its own purpose for the child feels that he relieved and forget for some time, his lack of a home.
You can also Tstahby your child to wander around in the wheelchair at the hospital where the hospital is for him a new place may loves his exploration . You will also be evaluating balloon and bring a group of roses for your child every day . And can you also can ask your child to interact with doctors and nurses in the hospital even trying to beat the feeling bored .
Aqtrahy your child to spend his time in the hospital reading books or stories, and if not , you can learn to read after that Takhtari wrote his stories or images through which they can learn colors, shapes and letters of the alphabet .
There are a lot of children who love music , so you can you bring your child to the hospital in a set of CDs for favorite music , or you can you bring his MP3 player to hear the songs of which this is something that would rule out his thinking about the pain felt by .

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