Interest of the child is the most important

Interest of the child is the most important
Interest of the child is always a child protection perspective . This means, that child protection staff to evaluate all decisions relating to children , what is the best decision for the benefit of this particular child in this situation the current of life . There is a list in the law on matters , which should be on social affairs officer taken into account , when he resides, you implement the best interests of the child . Should be considered , for example , how different solutions to ensure that the relationship is maintained for the child 's human and those close to him , or how it is child support in terms of language, culture and religion.

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The determination of the interest of the child may be difficult , because it may be different people and different points of view about what is best for the child. The interest of the child does not necessarily mean that decisions are issued and solutions are always compatible with the desire of the child himself or with the desire of his family . Child's opinion is always important , when it is estimated interests of the child , but it is not necessarily the opinion of the child shall be compatible with his interests. Is an employee who resides interests of the child in accordance with the law , and therefore sometimes forced child protection staff to make decisions , it may be for the child or his family opinion .

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