How to protect your baby from toxins circulating in 2014

How to protect your baby from toxins circulating in 2014
The mother should remain cautious and always be mindful of what touches the child in the home because the children usually are curious to check anything they find in front of them , and they can not differentiate between the juices, candy and between toxic substances . Sometimes the child's curiosity may be paid to gulp material may be toxic or harmful .
In order to protect your child and the evils of ingestion of a toxic substance or touching , you should follow the instructions and the following tips:
- You know very well the products and materials found in your home , such as detergents , drugs and pesticides, which may lead to injury to a child poisoned if touched or inhaled or swallowed or come into contact with the skin or eye. You must also pay attention to a number of toxic products in your home , such as aspirin , tranquilizers and sleeping pills and rat poison, furniture polish and powder washing dishes .
- The mother should you read every word on the packaging of pharmaceutical products used in the home. If the mother saw on a pack of medication or a particular product , such as a warning Keep it away from children , it must secure this medicine or product in a good place away from the reach of the child.
- A national store medicines and household products and toiletries in their original packaging . Sometimes you may 're transferring tablets of a particular drug Zjajtah original bottle which will make smaller components do not remember the bottle of foundation and what bearing . If there is a drug or product cleaning Home has ended expiry date , you must get rid of it in accordance with the instructions written on the packaging
- Children less than four years will need to go to the hospital in case of ingestion of medication in a manner unintended . It also must Storage of all medicines and vitamins out of the reach of children in Cupboards locks court . In addition to the above, must be careful not to take any medicines in front of the child because it will reduce .
- Most of the families are not fully aware of the different types of plants in the home garden . Therefore, you must examine the plants well to know whether those plants are poisonous or not.
- Do not let lamps and lighting candles in the reach of the child because they may contain oil Sam could swallow a child .
- A national examining Cupboard medicines periodically to rid yourself of any drugs not Thtegenha or any drugs expired ones
- When you go to buy a coloring tools and colors for your child must Tkhtariha intended for children .

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