Secret mother carrying her child on her left hand

Crying little baby Vtsra the mother bear , etc. left untouched to her
 chest so silent cry! . And if the child is always silent when the mother bear the permanent observation that the mother carrying her child on her left hand , because the mother , when you carry a child in this way put his body close to her heart Will is in need of it? . Yes : Because the heart of the mother 's voice is the first voice he heard the child before he was born , Throughout the period of pregnancy and the baby inside the uterus always be near the mother 's heartbeat Valsa├║l " Alaminoc " which is surrounded by a intrauterine holds him regularly these chimes .
Heart rate : a sense of comfort and reassurance

Here we must stand slightly in front of these conditions in which they live fetus He regularly hears the mother 's heartbeat . He gets digested food does not feel hungry and thirsty does not suffer from the temperature difference weather around it fixed, do not refund nor free, and after what occurred birth and came out born to foreign life here may feel cold or heat and here may thirst was hungry and with birth cut off all heard this the sound , which was accompanied by the rest period and therefore the link hear the sound coming from the mother's heart with a sense of comfort makes the child in Ishtiaq permanent hearing this voice that reminded him of respite enjoyable stint in his mother's womb so, when you carry a parent -child proximity to the heart , they give it a sense of comfort The warmth and reassurance , but why do that without mother understand the reality of what is actually happening ? mushroom is the instinct that God Almighty rights .

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