Child labor

Child labor
Girl bricks manufactured in a factory in the neighborhood of Shahdra , north of Lahore , capital of Punjab province .
There are millions of children work to help their families in ways that do not involve harm or exploitation . However , UNICEF estimates that there are about 150 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 years in developing countries , and about 16 per cent of all children in this age group , are engaged in child labor . The ILO estimates that there are about 215 million children under the age of 18 are working and many of them work full-time , all over the world . In sub-Saharan Africa works one out of every four children between the ages of 5 years, 17 years , compared to one of every eight children in Asia and the Pacific, and one out of every 10 children in Latin America .

Although the overall numbers suggest that boys who are involved in child labor, more than girls , but that many of the types of businesses that engage the girls is clearly visible . It is estimated that about 90 per cent of children who work in the home are girls ( UNICEF , 2011, the situation of children in the world) . In spite of the prevalence of child labor has declined in recent years everywhere except sub-Saharan Africa , where the growing physically , the child labor is still hurting physical and mental development of children and adolescents , and the impact on education ( source : UNICEF , 2011, the situation of children in the world the information page for children to child labor page on the website of UNICEF ) .

Child labor and promote inter-generational cycles of poverty , and undermine national economies and impede progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (see the final document of the Summit of the Millennium Development Goals 2010, p 13) . It is not the only reason , but it is also a result of social inequality fostered by discrimination . Children from indigenous groups or the lower classes are more likely to drop out of education to work . The children of migrant workers are also exposed to the hidden and illegal .

UNICEF supports the roadmap to eliminate the worst forms of child labor by 2016 , which calls for an integrated response to child labor . UNICEF also supports the local communities to change the cultural acceptance of child labor , and at the same time support the strategies and programs to provide alternative income for families and access to nurseries and quality education and preventive services . UNICEF is also working with employers and the private sector to assess their supply chains and their business practices and the study of their impact on children .

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Birth registration

Birth registration
Shakila Raimundo 0.10 years, recorded during the same birth registration activities in the community Bozzozo elementary school in the area Maganja da Costa in Zambezia Province
Birth registration , which is the official recording of the birth of a child by the government , proves the existence of the child under law and provides the basis for maintaining many of the rights of the child Civil and Political Rights and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Article 7 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child states that every child has the right to be registered at birth without any discrimination .

Apart from that birth registration is the first legal recognition of the existence of the child , it is essential to ensure the significance of children and their access to basic services such as health , social security and education. The knowledge of the age of the children is essential to protect them from child labor , and arrested , and treated as adults in front of the justice system , and forced recruitment into armed forces , and child marriage , trafficking and sexual exploitation . And as proof of birth, birth certificate can be supported by the ability to track children unaccompanied and separated from their families and promote safe migration . In fact, it is the birth registration as a ' passport for protection ' . It is a universal birth registration stronger tools to ensure fairness in relation to a wide range of services and interventions for children.

Because it is an integral part of civil registration systems , demographic information is provided by the birth registration is necessary for governments to create and monitor a national population statistics . And contributes to improve the records of births in the provision of vital statistical data for planning and decision-making , monitoring and policy-making moves that aim to protect children .

Almost levels of registration of children under the age of five be complete in the majority of industrialized countries . The vast majority of children are not enrolled in the less developed countries , where it is recorded half of the children under five years only . The countries that have engaged in armed conflicts or civil wars, the majority of the countries that have the lowest rates of registration of births .

The aim of the strategic actions of UNICEF to promote national systems for the protection of the child to reduce the obstacles that hinder the registration of all children at birth . Include measures to support the registration of births : reform the legal and political ; strategic planning and civil registration , capacity building and awareness raising ; integrating birth registration with other services such as health and education; , registration -based society and social mobilization campaigns . Being used innovative methods , including short messaging services technology and government support for the development of information systems of birth registration online.

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Child protection issues

Child protection issues
In many cases, the child is exposed to various types of violence, exploitation and abuse, and each has its own characteristics. And could result in a change of legislation, policies, services, and social customs to improve the protection of children in multiple ways. Therefore, UNICEF is working with partners on a number of issues through the promotion of child protection systems and the promotion of positive social habits in all contexts - development and emergency situations - to prevent and respond to violence, exploitation and abuse of children-oriented.

Protect children from cold and flu in winter

Protect children from cold and flu in winter
About these days is not without House of injury one of its members a cold or the flu , and you k « Super
Mama » you protect your children from getting infected who around them as much as possible , so we'll give you some tips to protect your children from the cold and the flu , and also we'll give you tips to handle the rapid home- if your child a cold or the flu.

• Tips to protect your child from colds and flu :

1 - Wash your hands : after using the bathroom and before and after eating , use warm water and soap for 15 seconds , and make sure that everyone who deals with your child washes his hands well, and thus lose the cold viruses , and one of the methods of choice for transmission , as we recommend using wet wipes and you are abroad , to keep at the hands of your children always clean .

2 - Use a cleanser : cold and flu viruses live on surfaces up to three hours , so you should clean the surfaces Palmtehr , especially if a family member has a cold , too, must purge the common things in the family , such as light switches , telephones and doorknobs , with washing cups and pots with water soap and warm after each use .

3 - Taking a vaccination against influenza : or as your doctor suggests , some doctors advise you to take this vaccination after the age of six months, once a year , preferably in the month of October or November before the start of the winter season.

4 - Stay away from passive smoking : where to children's exposure to secondhand smoke , making them more susceptible to the problems of the upper respiratory tract .

5 - to avoid the spread of germs from coughing and sneezing : looking for ways to teach your child coughs or sneezes in the direction of the arm or in a napkin and then throw it , but if Kh or sneezes in his hands should be washed immediately .
6 - Avoid your child's exposure to a person with a cold or flu : especially direct contact or kissing an infected person or share food or drink in the same tools , and you should too if your child has a cold to keep it at home so as not to transmit the infection to others .

7 - building a healthy body : Start by breastfeeding , it is useful in strengthening the immune system of the child , and then by keeping the system healthy and balanced diet for your child, and Encourage him to exercise daily , and getting enough sleep .

• Quick Tips for dealing with your child's homemade injured if a cold or flu :

You should note that a cold takes about ten days until the end of their symptoms , and these tips do not reduce the duration, but reduces the severity of symptoms, and it makes it easier for your child .

1 - Leave to rest at home , where resistance to infection need to rest, so as not to get tired Ashgly his time with something he loves , such as watching TV , reading a story , to talk together , to talk with a friend by telephone and others.

2 - inhaling water vapor warm , which helps to dissolve mucus stream air nose , making it easier for him to breathe , and can be done by giving the child a warm bath in a bath full of steam , and for children older than two years , you can put drops of oil « Menthol » in water bathing , it also reduces nasal congestion , and if your child does not want to shower , bath , you can sit with him for a quarter of an hour , which is full of steam even inhaled .

3 - Use points salt solution , it helps to open the nasal airway , especially for young children are not .

4 - Drink plenty of fluids that your child likes , such as water and natural juices if it is greater than six months , but if he was the youngest of six months or more of the many breast feeding fluids reservation of drought and relentless nose secretions .

5 - chicken soup and drinking warm drinks , they are very useful in reducing congestion , and in overcoming the cold symptoms of fatigue and congestion .

6 - Use a pillow to lift your baby's head during sleep for a child older than a year, as this situation makes it easier to breathe .

7 - honey for children older than one year , it is very useful for sore throat and cough , in the winter have honey Heavy could put a pot of honey in another container by hot water for ten minutes , it becomes a means of facilitating the child's eating , and can put your it drops of juice lemon as a source of vitamin « c » .

8 - Gargle with a solution of salt and warm that the child older than four years , which can learn gurgling which is useful for sore throat and can be repeated 4 times a day , and the salt solution can be done by dissolving half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water , and you can add lemon juice it , It is useful for sore throat , too, and you can you know your child gargle with plain water first with his head tilted back , until it reaches the solution of the throat , and after gurgling water does not come out Abelah .

The protection of children from violence, exploitation and abuse

The protection of children from violence, exploitation and abuse
All children have the right to protection from violence , exploitation and abuse . However, millions of children all over the world from all social and economic backgrounds and age groups , religions and cultures suffer daily from violence , exploitation and abuse . There are millions of others are at risk .

And exposed some of the boys and girls of the dangers , especially because of gender , race, ethnicity or socio-economic status . The levels are often associated with exposure to high- risk children with disabilities , orphans and indigenous groups and ethnic minorities and other marginalized groups .

There are other risks associated with children living and working on the streets , living in care institutions and detention and live in communities with high concentrations of inequality , unemployment and poverty . Also, natural disasters , armed conflict and displacement may expose children to additional risks . It sectors of concern also refugee children, internally displaced and unaccompanied migrant children of others .

The associated risk exposure also age ; Children younger are more susceptible to certain types of violence and risk Ptkdmanm vary in age.

Often practiced violence , exploitation and abuse by someone known to the child , including parents and other family members , educators, teachers , employers, law enforcement authorities and actors, governmental and non- governmental organizations and other children . And only a small percentage of violence , exploitation and abuse are reported and investigated, and exposed a few of the perpetrators accountable .

Occurs violence, exploitation and abuse in homes and families, schools, care and justice systems , workplaces and communities in all contexts , including as a result of conflicts and natural disasters.

And exposed many children to various forms of violence , exploitation and abuse , including sexual abuse and exploitation and armed violence and child trafficking , child labor and violence based on gender , and intimidation ( see , UNICEF , much of what is happening in silence 0.2010 ) , and intimidation on the Internet, and gang violence , and female genital mutilation and child marriage , and disciplinary practices accompanied by physical violence or emotional , and other other harmful practices .

There is ample evidence that violence , exploitation and abuse can affect the health of children 's physical and psychological in the short term and long term, which weakens their ability to learn and integrate into the community , and it affects their transition to 
adulthood with negative effects later in life .

Children's Medical Services

Child Protection Teams

Medical services that includes child abuse or neglect are complex 
issues that involve multiple factors. That is why we believe in bringing together experts in many different areas to help protect children. The child protection team (CPT) program is a multidisciplinary program that works with managed medical offices of the local sheriff, serving children and Family Services in cases of abuse and neglect of children to complete investigative activities .
Teams child protection provide expertise in assessing child abuse and alleged negligence, assess the risks and protective factors , and to provide recommendations for interventions to protect children and improve the ability of a caregiver to provide a safer environment when possible .
If abuse or neglect is reported to the Florida Abuse Hotline and accepted for investigation, the case is automatically eligibile child protection assessment team . There are no financial criteria for the services of CPT.
If you suspect a child is being abused or neglected , you should call the Florida Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800 -96 - ABUSE ( 1-800-962-2873 ) .
Child abuse , abandonment and neglect reports to the Hotline that must be referred to child protection teams include cases :

The head injuries , bruising to the neck or head , burns or fractures in a child of any age.
Bruises all over a child of five years or less .
Any report alleging sexual abuse of a child.
A sexually transmitted disease in a prepubescent child.
Reported malnutrition or failure of a child to flourish.
Declared the child medical neglect.
Symptoms of serious emotional disorders in a child when emotional or other , abandonment or neglect are suspected .
A brother or another child to remain in a home where one or more children were pronounced dead on arrival or were injured and later died as a result of suspected abuse, abandonment or neglect.
Once seized by the Department of Children and Family or enforcement has been accepted, teams Child Protection can provide one or more of the following services:

Medical diagnosis and evaluation
Nursing assessments
Assessments of the child and family
multidisciplinary staffings
Psychological and psychiatric assessments
Focused interviews and forensic
Court testimony of experts
Team staff for child protection also offer training services, including :
The training of investigators from child protection and other community service providers services child protection .
Staff training for emergency services and other medical providers in the community
If you have questions about child protection teams or if you want to know how to plan a training in your community , click the link to the Child Protection Team list below.

Make your child loves the hospital during the examination

Make your child loves the hospital during the examination
Your child may visit the hospital for medical examination just simple , but his stay in the hospital for more than a day is even more difficult , in a child's imagination sometimes the hospital is just the place to take him to punish him . Therefore Flaky you to be ready to face the child and convince him if he had to be patient and stay overnight in the hospital for more than a day .
The children usually feel bored during their stay in the hospital so you can entertain your child that Tjelby his coloring books and some different games than be occupied for some time and put away the boredom . If your child can write , you can get him to write about his stay in the hospital.
Make sure to be your child's room in the hospital luminous and intervention sunlight , have you also you will make the child feel that his room in the hospital , such as his room in the house a little bit by bringing toys and some of its own purpose for the child feels that he relieved and forget for some time, his lack of a home.
You can also Tstahby your child to wander around in the wheelchair at the hospital where the hospital is for him a new place may loves his exploration . You will also be evaluating balloon and bring a group of roses for your child every day . And can you also can ask your child to interact with doctors and nurses in the hospital even trying to beat the feeling bored .
Aqtrahy your child to spend his time in the hospital reading books or stories, and if not , you can learn to read after that Takhtari wrote his stories or images through which they can learn colors, shapes and letters of the alphabet .
There are a lot of children who love music , so you can you bring your child to the hospital in a set of CDs for favorite music , or you can you bring his MP3 player to hear the songs of which this is something that would rule out his thinking about the pain felt by .

How to protect your baby from toxins circulating in 2014

How to protect your baby from toxins circulating in 2014
The mother should remain cautious and always be mindful of what touches the child in the home because the children usually are curious to check anything they find in front of them , and they can not differentiate between the juices, candy and between toxic substances . Sometimes the child's curiosity may be paid to gulp material may be toxic or harmful .
In order to protect your child and the evils of ingestion of a toxic substance or touching , you should follow the instructions and the following tips:
- You know very well the products and materials found in your home , such as detergents , drugs and pesticides, which may lead to injury to a child poisoned if touched or inhaled or swallowed or come into contact with the skin or eye. You must also pay attention to a number of toxic products in your home , such as aspirin , tranquilizers and sleeping pills and rat poison, furniture polish and powder washing dishes .
- The mother should you read every word on the packaging of pharmaceutical products used in the home. If the mother saw on a pack of medication or a particular product , such as a warning Keep it away from children , it must secure this medicine or product in a good place away from the reach of the child.
- A national store medicines and household products and toiletries in their original packaging . Sometimes you may 're transferring tablets of a particular drug Zjajtah original bottle which will make smaller components do not remember the bottle of foundation and what bearing . If there is a drug or product cleaning Home has ended expiry date , you must get rid of it in accordance with the instructions written on the packaging
- Children less than four years will need to go to the hospital in case of ingestion of medication in a manner unintended . It also must Storage of all medicines and vitamins out of the reach of children in Cupboards locks court . In addition to the above, must be careful not to take any medicines in front of the child because it will reduce .
- Most of the families are not fully aware of the different types of plants in the home garden . Therefore, you must examine the plants well to know whether those plants are poisonous or not.
- Do not let lamps and lighting candles in the reach of the child because they may contain oil Sam could swallow a child .
- A national examining Cupboard medicines periodically to rid yourself of any drugs not Thtegenha or any drugs expired ones
- When you go to buy a coloring tools and colors for your child must Tkhtariha intended for children .

team protective child

team protective child
The team protective child Code provides the most important tips to protect your child
The protection of children on the Internet
11/18/2013 12:28:00 PM
The protection of children on the Internet

You can find almost everything you are looking for in the internet. But remember that children may be exposed to risk in the network .

?How can I protect my children from the risks of the Internet 

First, think of the potential risks they could face . These risks may    be as follows 

The so-called "drive-by downloads" ( ie, those programs that bear on your computer automatically when you browse the Internet );
Serious infections such as transfer through file-sharing programs (P2P) that allows other users access to the files in your computer ;
Unwanted ads including windows advertising and targeted advertising programs : some focus on your computer from the Internet automatically with free software ;
Pornographic sites ;
Your sons may reveal private information concerning them or yourself ;
They might download pirated material (music or video files ) ;
Your children may be targeted by the exercise of threats , intimidation and assault on children ;
May attract by pedophile ( via chat rooms , for example ) ;

What steps should I take to protect my children?

Children may be vulnerable in the Internet, as in fact it is very important to understand the actual risk . By doing some steps you can reduce the possibility of exposure to risk.

Talk to your children about the risks that can be encountered in the Internet .
Proven computer in the Chamber of sit down and try to attend family members to talk about the issue of dealing with the computer.
Encourage your children to talk about their experiences working in the Internet and all that bothers them .
Shorten the number of files available to others in your computer . Some security solutions allow you to it.
Follow the instructions above to protect your computer from malicious software and hackers and explain to your children how it helps to protect them.
Provided them with guidelines include what they can do and what they should not do. Here are some points that you should think about :

Are you OK with that:
Register your children in social networking sites or other sites ?
Procurement to do on the Internet ?
Carry music files , video or software ?
Use instant messaging software ?
Visit chat rooms ?

( If you have replied yes to the last two questions, make sure that your children understand that they do not have to talk to users who do not know them ) .
Remember that answers to these  are changed to increase the age of your children .

To protect your children when entering the network :

Talked to them about the potential risks ;
Proven device in the living room ;
Encourage your children to talk to you about their experiences on the Internet ;
Provided them with instructions to work on the Internet ;
Use the software settings that would limit the sites that your children can visit on the Internet ;
Follow the tips listed above on how to protect against malware and hacker attacks .

Techniques To Tracking Cell Phone Numbers - What You Must Know!
11/12/2013 7:25:00 PM
By Lilla Ogden

Prank calls are fun for the caller and frustrating for the one who gets the call especially, if it occurs in the middle of the evening. It does not matter whether they talk with you or just hang up on your children. Fortunately is, you can make it stop. You can end the trouble of having somebody you do not know calling your number by reversing the call after you have actually utilized Cell Number Look Up.

Telephone number searches are not just for land lines anymore. This is due primarily to so many individuals using mobile phone as oppose to common house phone lines. Anyone can do a cellular phone search as long as you have a mobile number for somebody. You can search for even individuals that you do not feel are bothering you.

You can discover past loves, forgotten household, and long lost buddies. Reconnecting with individuals from your past has never been easier. A number and a name can make it take place for you and you can find out where they are and how life has been treating them.

Maybe they have actually been thinking about you too but did not know how to discover you. You can do the leg work for them. Cell Number Search for will make it easier on you to discover anyone you want to discover. You can learn where they live, their brand-new address and more. Just a couple of clicks is all you require and a number is all you need.

It is not going to make you a stalker when you search for somebody with a cell or a name phone number. As long as you use this device with excellent objectives, you will have no unfavorable effects from doing this. It can help you reconnect with your past and secure your future.

You might even shield yourself from possible scams if you suspect that the individual claiming to be a business does not sound legitimate but troubles you for cash. Just make use of the phone number that they call you from and search. You will know whether they are calling you from a cellular phone or the actual business's phone. This is safeguarding you from a possible rip-off. Are you pleased you can now have that ability to secure yourself?

In today's time of web dating it can likewise protect you from being the one who is the other woman. If you look for a telephone number to the one who declares to wish to fulfill you personally and his information shows that he is wed, you will know ahead of time what you may be getting involved in. You can have the choice to say, "No." It can make sure that you do not get played by somebody from the internet and keep you from getting hurt.

Everyone understands that you most likely do not such as thinking about the bad stuff. Nobody wishes to look into an additional person. You do have to think about the possibility that someone is not telling you the entire fact all the time. You owe it to yourself to attempt and take the time to shield yourself and your family if you have an issue about somebody who is calling you. Simply utilize Cell Number Appreciate do so.

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Simple Idea To Reverse Lookup Mobile Phone Figures Secretly
11/12/2013 7:25:00 PM
By Gabby Kibbee

Companies that call you requesting cash do not always sound trustworthy. Individuals may call you to hang up or otherwise prank you. Would it be nice to know that you can stop the calls from can be found in? Reverse cell number lookup makes it possible so that you might stop the individual from calling you and disturbing your day.

Technology has actually now proceeded far enough that you no longer need a name or a house phone number to get the details you need. This is excellent information. Think of being able to stop somebody from bothering you by discovering who their cellular phone company is, as well as their name, address and various other details. In years past, people were not so lucky. They needed to suffer with the annoyance.

The means it made use of to work is that a person would call you to prank you and you would feel that you simply needed to take care of it since there was nothing else choice. Fortunately, innovation has now advanced to the point that you can put a stop to irritating phone calls from people you do not know. If they have a cell phone or a house phone any longer, it does not matter. You do not require a name. You require nothing but the number that is calling you and you will understand who their carrier is, name, address and more.

Simply imagine the capacity that you need to control those prank employ the middle of the night that get up you or your family. It does not matter if all they do is hang up on you without talking with you. As long as you have a phone with caller ID on it and you can see their phone number, you can look for that number. You will find out instantaneously who you are handling.

They could have an unlisted number and that is fine as well. If they are calling you, they can not conceal from you when you use reverse cell number lookup on their number. It does not matter where they live or who they have a telephone with, you can discover who provided them a phone that permits them to disrupt your day or night with your household.

People make prank calls to irritate you. They do not bother with what it might disrupt with you and your household. They do not bother with waking children. It is enjoyable. Heavy breathing on the other end can sneak out your household, specifically women and children. Most of the times, it is probably children goofing off. Other times the reasons can be much more scary. You have the devices you need to make it stop. Are you ready to use them?

Legally you have the right to secure exactly what is yours and sadly, it is up to you to state you have actually had enough from the prankster who keeps bothering you. Discover exactly what you should understand prior to you let this person continue to make fun of you and your household. They do not should keep doing it and could be doing it to various other families also.

How much is it worth to you to make the prank calls stop? To be able to sleep a full night without having someone call and hang up on you? In many cases, you can get a fundamental search result for no cost at all. However, if you need even more information to make the phone calls stop, there might be a little charge for using the reverse cell number search. This small charge could very well be your finest acquisition in years if you are tired of the trouble though.

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Why Organic Papaya Leaf Extract
11/12/2013 7:13:00 PM
By Bonnie Contreras

Everyone knows how important anti-oxidants are. They are able to fight against free radicals and prolong human life, as well as youth. They are very important for human health in general, especially when you are frequently exposed to stress. Vitamins such as vitamin E are very good sources of anti-oxidants, but organic papaya leaf extract contains twenty times more anti-oxidants, compared to vitamin E.

Organically grown papayas supply your organism with numerous valuable substances. They are grown in unpolluted environment, without harmful chemicals or genetic modifications. These high quality substances are contained both in the fruits and the leaves. Using innovative technologies, the leaf extract, as well as pure natural organic juice, preserve all qualities of fresh fruits and leaves.

This small tree has lovely, pear-shaped fruits, sometimes called the melon of health or the fruit of the angels. The fruit, as well as the leaves, contains high level of essential nutrients, for example, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E. It also contains beta carotene, calcium, Phosphorus, Folic Acid, Potassium and Iron.

This tree grows happily in tropics, and cannot be successfully grown in colder climates. It would be best if you could pick your own fresh fruits from the tree, and make your own tea from its fresh leaves. The next best thing is to consume the pure extract made from organically grown fruits and of dried leaves, prepared on the way all important ingredients are perfectly preserved.

Taking this wonderful fruit regularly may boost your immune system like no other plant, in fresh or dried form. Some people believe it could be one of the best weapons in fighting cancer as well. Numerous medical studies conformed that this particular product has the direct anti-tumor effect on different types of cancer.

Having the anti-tumor effect and the ability to boost up human immune system, this great fruit is really highly beneficial for your health in general. If you have any medical condition, you should consult your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement. But, if you want to stay healthy and young as long as you can, your organism will appreciate this natural supplement.

The anti-aging value of this amazing fruit and its leaves are well known and appreciated for very long time. Its ability to fight free radicals is especially interesting. In time, your skin inevitably loses the firmness and elasticity, and your organism is affected with aging processes. Taking natural anti-oxidants and other natural nutritional substances regularly may help you stay young and healthy for a long time.

This amazing plant has numerous valuable qualities for your digestive system as well. Fresh fruits can be replaced with organic juice, and dried leaves have the same effect as the fresh ones. They can be consumed as a tea, or simply by taking capsules that contain their extract. In any case, in a few weeks or so you should be able to see the difference.

Organic papaya leaf extract has the same abilities as the fresh leaves. Modern technologies made it possible to preserve all nutritive substances within without losing their qualities or abilities, and without adding any synthetic substances. The wonderful enzyme papain is perfectly preserved. It will have many positive effects on your digestion, cardiovascular system and general health.

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Tips On Choosing A Good Massage Provider
11/12/2013 6:59:00 PM
By Bonnie Contreras

You want to be able to avail of a massage portsmouth nh session. You have since been wanting to do so considering all the stress that you've been feeling. So, it does help a lot though that you'll know what are those things you can actually do in order for you to get a really good session from the many available providers that are around.

Determine what are the real reasons behind your interest for taking advantage of such a session. You know how important it is that you are able to opt for the right choice and for the most appropriate option there is. You need assurance that you get people who can really get you the most from the assistance that you'll be getting. In this case, you need assurance that your choices would all be right ones.

Determine the names of the establishments that you can refer to as well. It is recommended that you will know what are the possible choices and options that you will need to take into consideration so you can trust on whoever it is can offer to you the best possible assistance. Don't hire the first provider that you will find. Rather, take note of your options first and see what they can offer.

Recommendations are always very helpful when you do not have an idea of the people you should refer to or the establishments that you would prefer to opt for. You gave top remember that there are always people you know who may have had the chance of referring to the same providers then their experience in dealing with these professionals should at least help make it easier to choose right.

Never make the mistake of hiring the assistance of the first provider that you will meet along the way. You might miss out on better, more efficient establishments if you rush your decision. Consider taking note of what the other possible providers around can extend to you. Then, you're confident that relying on them this time is going to get you really good results.

Consider what are the different services and sessions that you can expect from them. You might be interested with the other assistance that they might be able to extend to you. It helps that you will know what these choices are so you are confident that relying on them would be really worth it all for you since you're sure that they can really deliver.

Get references. Ask them to give you at least three names of past customers that they have extended their assistance to before. You need to contact these people, talk to them, and talk about their experiences with these establishment. Thus, you can easily tell if they had a satisfactory experience upon referring to these professionals.

Determine how close are these areas that are offering the massage portsmouth nh that you would want to take advantage of. It is important that you will know what are the things that you need to take into account so you can trust that coming to these providers would be easy enough for you. Consider the accessibility of these places as well to ensure that you can reach them easily in time.

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Does Home Tuition Reduce The Parent's Burden In Teaching Their Children?
11/11/2013 3:25:00 PM
By Crispin Sng

A trend towards hiring home-based tuition providers is allowing parents to transfer the burden of teaching from themselves over to the tutor. This reduces the amount of individualized time required by the parent after school to focus just on studies. Instead of the parent having to lead the charge for homework completion, home-based tuition allows the parents to focus on teaching family traditions and on offering encouragement and support for all of the child's activities and accomplishments.

Parents have to work and chauffeur kids all over town. They have to provide meals, clean clothes, and a clean home environment for the entire family. All of these responsibilities leave very little time for enjoyment and relaxation. Free time is very precious. Spending it on schoolwork is not the best use of the parents' time when they can hire a home-based tutor to fill that role for them.

A professional tuition provider will have the resources, the knowledge, and the time to focus on ensuring that the child learns the subjects and curriculums appropriately. Given the ever-changing curriculums, hiring an expert is a vital stepping stone towards achieving a strong education. With the placement requirements for primary and secondary school being so critical to a student's long-term success, tuition is almost a necessary component of today's overall educational process.

There are at least three modes of tuition: centers, the tutor's home, and your own home. Selecting a center means chauffeuring your student back and forth. Center learning can be a strong option. Finding a tuition provider who teaches group services in their home also adds travel time to and fro after school. A home-based tutor comes to your home, thus freeing up precious quality time for other activities together.

For the parent who hopes to fast track their child to the highest and most advanced levels that education allows, hiring an in-home tutor is an almost certain way to ensure success. The Singaporean education system is a high-quality system structured to help the nation succeed in a global economy. Growing young leaders who have the knowledge, skills, and strength to perform well in school and beyond is vital to this country. For the parent who wishes for their child to succeed in life and have the best of everything, home tuition is truly a no-brainer. College and advanced academic club programs require a decidedly advanced knowledge of the course materials. This is part of the overall resume requirement for a student to excel.

With the current philosophy of giving our children the best of everything, we have created very busy schedules for our children. Many children lead exasperatingly hectic academic, artistic, athletic, and social lives. As such, our children's calendars are frequently much more committed than the parents. This creates an environment whereby the children treasure downtime and relaxation as much as their ever-busy parents do. Enlisting a home-based tutor can allow the family more of this long sought after free time. Ensuring that traditions remain such as spending time with family, particularly elderly family such as grandparents, is the responsibility of the parents to help future generations continue.

Therefore, the benefits of home-based tuition can clearly be seen. The burden of teaching is passed from the parent to the tutor. This leaves time for the parents to help educate their children on the importance of paving a road with the bricks of success. The new direction of incorporating tuition into more than two-thirds of Singaporean homes shows that this trend is growing quickly and shows no signs of slowing down. Engaging professional tutors in the art of educating children is a gift of ultimate love.

How do you think home-based tuition can lessen the burden of teaching on the actual parents? Do you believe that adding home-based tutor to the family routine will add more quality time to the family life? Families want to enjoy every free moment together. Adding home-based tuition providers to the overall education mix is a wonderfully simple way to further the education successes of your child. So you can focus on what really matters like spending quality time with your little ones while they are young.

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Protect children from abuse and neglect
11/10/2013 9:11:00 PM
Protect  children from abuse and neglect
A secret to anyone that the ill - treatment of children of various kinds emotional ' physical ' sexual , and neglect is one of the pests in spreading and increasing in all parts of the world . The problem of child abuse and neglect is a global issue , have no geographical boundaries , ethnic , educational , economic , and any family may be exposed to . the first team was formed to protect children from abuse and neglect, health centers , and in 2005 the team was reconstituted by adding new members , after the resignation of some former members due to their commitments to other things . Difficult to know the size of the problem and is due to non - registration of cases reported and this is due to several reasons , including lack of acceptance diagnosed cases , ignorance or because it contradicts with the values ​​.
Our Mission

Protect children from abuse and ill- treatment and neglect
Why is prevention important ?
Because it is difficult parents 24 hours a day to protect their children .

Immunizations against childhood diseases .. The best way to better health
11/10/2013 2:31:00 AM
Immunizations against childhood diseases 

Immunizations against childhood diseases
Active human body and enhance immunity

Jeddah : d . Abdul Hafeez Yahya Khoja
HIV is the force that acquired rights to resist infection and overcome , which is the human body's defense against invading germs that cause disease. Human acquires a kind of natural immunity to repeated exposure to germs from the time of birth as well as derived by the child from the mother through the placenta blood , providing immunity gene granted temporary protection baby .
He learned to imitate human germ invasion of the body by injecting vaccine from MRSA after that invalidate the effect , Akhvvh or bacterial products subject to controlled situations and are made in the form of a vaccine. Here, the human body responds to this vaccine is produced antibodies gain effective immunity evils subsequent invasions by bacteria and similar or close to it .

Raised « health » these questions on the table with some officials in preventive health and health education , explained Dr. Abdullah Jaber journalist , head of departments Affairs preventive primary health care in Jeddah, that the purpose of vaccinations is immune building (ie formation of antibodies ), and immunity in the human body is divided into two parts : natural immunity natural Immunity, and acquired immunity acquired Immunity.

* Natural immunity

* He gave God Almighty rights and means of defense against disease since birth , any natural means of defense or unearned . These tools include the following:

* Skin and mucous membranes . Although the skin and mucous membranes in constant contact with bacteria and parasites, the environment in which they live , they form a barrier objected entry of pathogenic factors , as long as they sound. The natural orifices Our كالأنف and mouth and the ear is by تسلكه bacteria to enter our bodies, in the absence of the mucous membranes and covered by cilia which stand before it.

* Acids and enzymes . Fatty acids secreted by the skin, stomach acidity , and acidity of the vagina, and yeasts that exist in the eye tears and other body fluids have the ability to lethal germs that are trying to invade the body.

* Phagocytosis ( ingestion cells ) Engulfing. After that go beyond the germs former defense barriers and in the entrances to the body and reaches the blood and tissues , the two types of white blood cells phagocytic function (ie surrounded germs and swallowed up and then kill them and analyze and Tadamha within the cell).

The natural immunity is immunity generally not concerned with a specific type of bacteria , so it is also called « immune non-specific » to denote the lack of competence to a specific type of bacteria , the opposite of the second type of immune competent certain types of bacteria ( immunity quality ), which acquired immunity .


* This type of immunity is gained after the body is exposed to one of the types of germs , so called ' AIDS ' . Since she characterized as a qualitative one type of bacteria , is called also the name of the ' immune qualitative ' .

When the body is exposed to certain germ for the first time (during the above - mentioned process of phagocytosis ) to identify all the properties of MRSA by the immune cells ( lymphocytes ) and are configured and the secretion of antibodies quality antibodies for MRSA by a lymphoid cell types . Other cells are called ' memory cells ' acquisition of the distinctive properties of memory for those MRSA, and therefore , they are ready to configure and secretion of antibodies in large quantities and quickly if the body is exposed to the bacterium again . By immunization vaccines is a safe way to expose the body to pathogens and thus acquire immunity .

* Fortifications

* D say . Abdullah journalist , the baby at birth, moves suddenly to a new environment does not believe him comfort and protection Nfisseha which was blessed them he was inside his mother's womb , comes into this world armed with immune -like immune his mother, and this natural immunity that moved him from his mother by the placenta does not Takia diseases only for a limited period of time because they disappear during the first months of his life and without immunity and becomes susceptible to diseases .

It is now recognized that if you provide a child vaccination early , it can produce antibodies , although the antibodies transmitted from mother to baby occurs effect partially blocking affects the formation of antibodies resulting from vaccination , this effect partial does not prevent your child the same produce enough antibodies actors.

Valtgayh at an early age after birth raises a sense of the child to the other stimulant doses of the vaccine or to the subsequent invasion of germs. There are a number of childhood diseases can be prevented , and we can protect the child from such diseases through vaccination.

So, the best way to ensure better health for children is prevention of diseases. Also, make sure that the child had received immunization appropriate is the best way to prevent a number of diseases such as measles , mumps ( Abukaab ), and rubella, and hepatitis B, and chickenpox ( Ankz ) , whooping cough , tetanus, diphtheria, polio children, and other diseases.

D adds . Journalist he has become we can now immunize children against 10 diseases . In most cases, vaccinations are given injection , several injections are required for full protection . And the period in which the children are vaccinated during which extends from birth to the age of two years . Some diseases require booster doses between the ages of 4 and 6 years , ages 11 and 12 years old.

* Vaccinations work

* Vaccinations protect against infectious diseases that can cause serious illness or death. Normally vaccinations given by injection or orally. Vaccinations contain in the form of a wimp or dead from disease - causing germs to be fortified against it, and that the body can control it, and then build immunity (formation of antibodies ). These antibodies help the body to identify the bacteria and, therefore, prevent the disease from occurring if a person is exposed to the infection in the future .

The formation of antibodies against disease - causing bacteria called ' immunity ' .

* Are vaccinations safe ? In the vast majority of cases, vaccination does not cause severe side effects . But some vaccinations may cause some minor pain and swelling at the injection site . Some children develop a simple fever and is likely to feel sleepy or become rude copyright . In fact, the incidence of serious childhood disease much more dangerous than the child 's exposure to a side result of vaccination.

* How can we overcome the side effects of vaccinations ? Here are some guidelines :

- Vaccination is often accompanied by ' Viral triple ' rise until the temperature ( 39 degrees ) for a day or two , here can be used as antipyretic medication and increase the amount of fluid and relieve clothes and cool the room .

- May accompany vaccination « triple bacterial and bilateral severe leg pain that prevents the child from walking for one or two days , have to worry about parents .. Here can put a cold pack on the subject of vaccination .

- Sometimes associated with vaccination « measles and chickenpox rash small red cross on the body , often accompanied by vaccination topical pain for two days .. Here you can use cold compresses to ease it.

- Follows vaccinated « TB » After nearly a month pus may continue for several weeks, here can be cleaned with sterile water and covered with a bandage dry without the use of any medication disinfectant. And will leave a lasting impact ( scar) .

- Vaccination may leave a small tumor topically for several weeks : Do not worry about and will disappear after that.

* Measles , mumps

* To shed more light on diseases, measles , rubella and mumps in terms of symptoms and ways to spread and its complications and how to prevent them , we had this meeting with Dr. . Munira Khaled Balhamer , , advisory Medicine and head of community health awareness to the management of primary health care and preventive medicine in Jeddah and the Chairman of the Committee on Health Education Council of the province.

* Measles

* It is a contagious viral disease that affects children and causes them to some potentially serious complications in some cases.

The disease is transmitted from person to person through coughing or sneezing or direct contact with the infected person . The child becomes contagious , usually , before the appearance of the rash and five days for another five days after his appearance .

As for measles complications , are as follows: otitis media - inflammation of the trachea , or inflammation of the lungs . The very small percentage of children may develop encephalitis encephalitis , which can cause problems with dire consequences for the affected child .

* German measles

* Contagious viral disease that affects children and adults and sometimes lifelong immunity occurs after infection. Be a simple infection usually does not carry a threat to the injured person , but can occur abnormalities in the fetus if the mother hit during the first three months of pregnancy. Gets infected rubella permanent immunity after recovery from the disease.

The infected person feels symptoms rubella tired and a slight increase in temperature , runny nose , swollen lymph glands in the neck and behind the ears. The rash appears in the second day of the disease on the face and neck and then spreads to the rest of the body , especially the chest, and the rash begins to disappear after about three days , and disappears completely in the fifth day of the disease. Some patients infected pains in the joints such as those you get when flu , and some people become rubella without the appearance of any symptoms, and this applies to about a quarter of the affected individual.

German measles infections transmitted by droplets from the mouth or nose injured during sneezing or coughing. The patient is contagious to be recovering after four days of the onset of the rash.

* The risks of injury

* The risk of rubella infection often confined to fetuses when pregnant mothers infected in the first three months . Where do some fetuses with congenital anomalies when the mother is infected with measles , and most important of these distortions :

- Deafness .

- Incidence of congenital glaucoma ( high eye pressure ) or other vision problems .

- Incidence of mental retardation .

- Injury be severe in some cases, lead to the death of the fetus and abort .

- He does not get some of the embryos any problem though maternal rubella injury does not need more people with rubella for any type of treatment, and all there because they need to rest until the symptoms disappear . In addition to taking tablets depressor to the heat of the body such as paracetamol to reduce heat and relieve pain , if any.

* Mumps

* Mumps ( Abu heel or by Abu دغيم ) is a viral disease that affects the salivary gland , especially the parotid gland , located in an area under the ears and before them. It was a common children's diseases that was almost under control because of widespread vaccinations are widely used in the world.

The main symptoms are :

- High temperature .

- Tiredness and fatigue .

- Dry mouth .

- Difficulty in chewing and swallowing , and pain during the open mouth .

- Swelling and pain in the salivary glands : the tumor is usually in one of the parotid glands and swell the second on the second day in about 70 % of cases.

The disease is spread through droplets carrying infectious virus by sneezing or coughing. Incubation lasts about eighteen days .

The patient is contagious ; contagious before the onset of salivary gland tumor two days later, and continue the infection to the tumor disappears .

* Dangers of mumps

* The mumps from minor illnesses that affect children , but it poses some risk to males , especially in adolescence and beyond because it affects the testis in some cases, where the show after three or four days of the appearance of the tumor in the neck, causing pain and swelling in the testicle for a day or two . Orchitis does not cause infertility , except in rare cases or when the injury testicles together .

The treatment of mumps , setting calls for patient to take paracetamol to relieve the pain and heat . It also needs to rest and not to stress that the symptoms disappear , and a lot of liquid and semi-liquid foods , and put warm compresses on swollen glands to relieve the pain.

* Disease prevention

* Prevention of this disease by viral triple vaccine ( mumps - measles - rubella ) through basic vaccinations ( first dose at 12 months of age and the second at the age of 4-6 years) and national campaigns for vaccination.

Among the most important caveats and alerts regarding these vaccinations :

- Do not be vaccinated pregnant , married advised to avoid pregnancy for 3 months after the triple viral vaccine , and one month after vaccination with measles vaccine .

- Do not be vaccinated has contraindications for vaccination ( under medical report ) , such as: severe allergies from a previous dose or for drug Alvitomaesen , or HIV .

- Postpone the vaccination in case of moderate or severe illness , or lack of blood platelets , and when blood transfusions or antibodies to the person to be vaccinated .

* New basic immunization schedule for children 1 . The first visit (age: at birth) , the vaccine : TB + hepatitis ( B ) 2. The second visit (Age: two months) , the vaccine : polio ( injection) + quintet 3 . Third visit (Age: 4 months) , the vaccine : Polio ( oral ) + 4 Pentagram . Fourth visit (Age: 6 months), the vaccine : Polio ( oral ) + 5 Pentathlon . Fifth visit (Age: 9 months) , the vaccine : Measles 6 . Sixth visit (Age: 12 months) , the vaccine : Polio ( oral ) + chickenpox + viral Triple 7 . Seventh visit (Age: 18 months) , the vaccine : polio ( mouth) + bacterial Quartet + hepatitis (a ) 8. Eighth visit (Age: 24 months) , the vaccine : Hepatitis ( a) 9 . Ninth visit (Age: 4-6 years), the vaccine : Polio ( oral ) + bacterial Triple + viral Triple + chickenpox .

* Starting tomorrow, the national vaccination campaign against measles , rubella and mumps

* Launches the Ministry of Health , represented by the directorates of Health Affairs in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom , a comprehensive national campaign of immunization against measles , rubella and mumps. The campaign targets all age groups from 9 months to 24 years.

Has issued a Director of Health Affairs in Jeddah Dr. Sami Badawoud instructed the need to implement an information campaign in the media, all to raise awareness of the importance of immunization against childhood diseases , as well as the definition dates of the campaign and its goals , and urged citizens and residents of the need for cooperation with the members of health teams in charge of the implementation of the campaign to vaccinate their children.

Begin the first phase of the campaign on Saturday 19 November 17 th September 2011 and lasts for 5 weeks and targeted the students of primary and middle schools and secondary government and private social welfare and vocational schools from the age of 6 years to 18 years where given a vaccine « triple viral » More Using mobile medical teams are visiting schools for this purpose. Will also be during the first phase completion of the basic vaccinations to the students of the first grade oral polio vaccine and triple bilateral bacterial or bacterial by age.

The second phase فستنطلق the God willing, on Saturday , the eighth month of January of next year , 1433 AH and also continue for a period of 5 weeks , and will target two categories:

* Adult category , from the age of 19 - 24 years , including the students of universities , colleges and institutes in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education.

* Class children , from the age of 9 months to less than 6 years through fixed and mobile teams of health centers for vaccination in the institutes, colleges and universities , homes and health facilities according to the whereabouts of the target groups.

Learn the best ways to protect your child from summer diseases
11/10/2013 2:13:00 AM
Learn the best ways to protect your child from summer diseases
Featuring summer spread of some diseases that afflict children summer diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever and conjunctivitis summer, it is known that the summer is considered the most influential seasons of the year on children's health, so we review with you the best ways to protect your child from summer diseases.

First: What are the causes of disease among children summer:
In this regard, explained Dr. Adel Ashour, professor of pediatrics and genetic diseases at the National Center for Research in a statement to the newspaper "The Seventh Day" that the high temperatures in the summer and the crowds and congestion behind the injured children a lot of viruses and microbes, especially in clubs and resorts.

He pointed out that the means of prevention of diseases concentrated summer are as follows:
• Avoid exposing children to crowded places , because the presence of a large number of children in a confined space and a little ventilation causes the ease and speed of transmission of diseases.

• attention to personal hygiene , it is considered the most important means for the prevention of diseases and summer so that we can through accustom the child to wash his hands and face several times a day , especially after returning from playing outside the house and before eating food.

• Ensure that bathe the child every day is one of the most important means of prevention of diseases of the summer with avoid staying under the sun, particularly during the hot afternoon , which may result in the so - called sun stroke .

In addition to the above to protect our children from diseases that we keep summer foods and drinks well with the old not to eat foods and stored from the previous day and eat fresh foods immediately after preparation .

Protect children from the risk of infection and disease outside the home
11/10/2013 2:05:00 AM
Protect children from the risk of infection and disease outside the home
Although the protection of children from diseases is almost capture
Impossible, especially in nurseries and schools,
But sometimes prevention and attention to hygiene may Asaadenk
To protect your children from falling easy prey for viruses and bacteria.

1.Wash your hands.

Make sure that the nursery provides a counter lotions
Bacteria and viruses for children
Before and after to eat a meal,
And after using the bathroom and tissue paper to clean the nose.

The only way of prevention and protection from injury
Viruses and bacteria is to clean your hands well,
So make sure that the nursery apply this fundamental law.

2.Patient-child policy.

Make sure that the nursery implement this important policy
And that sick children are sent to the nurse's room
Or a doctor until they receive from their parents with alarm
Them not to send a child
At least for several days.

If your child is sick and you do not have anyone
Cared for must be reaching for the use of an incubator
For several days until his recovery.

3.Make sure the nursery provide healthy wipes.

Going through a period in the life of every child feel the need to explore his nose.
And every time the child discovers a new way to search
Inside of the nose and extract surprise to many.

So make sure that the nanny in the nursery monitors
Actions and trying to prevent it and encourage children to use
Dry napkins to clean the nose health
And wash your hands afterwards.

4.Keep your immune system strong.

Compatible strong body healthy foods and vitamins
Difficult for viruses occupation.
So urban baby foods rich in nutrients and vitamins
Or give him supplements of vitamins to build a strong immune system.
(Sleep helps us a strong defense for the body as well.)

How to protect your child from disease during the school year
11/7/2013 6:12:00 PM
How to protect your child from disease during the school year
Mother complains often that her baby seems sick all the time, especially in the first years of entering the school, which is child's immune system is weak.

1 - children at a young age are always vulnerable to various microbes, viruses, and various diseases. There are many diseases that may afflict the child and which may be caused by one viruses Vtafl and may be a source of infection for the rest of the children in school or at home.
There may be a child for example, is suffering from a cough or a cold and sitting next to another child in the classroom and transmit the infection to him, or there may be a child suffering from diarrhea and uses the bathroom school and back for the season after that without washing his hands, which may transmit the infection to others. Microbes may be transmitted from anything that touches a sick child to other children perceiving the same purpose, which touched a sick child.

2 - There are some times that may require you to keep the baby at home with not going to school, for example, if your child has vomited twice or more within 24 hours and they seem also symptoms of dehydration do not weep so much tears and his throat is dry somewhat Each of those things may concerned that your child may need to stay at home.

3 - The if your child is suffering, for example, inflammation is simple in the throat with a cold in the nose without a rise in temperature can be for a child to go to school, but if the pain in the throat accompanied by swelling in the tonsils with a high fever, headache, abdominal pain should call the doctor and especially if the child is three years or more, and if the child is suffering from acute inflammation of the throat, he should address an antibiotic for at least a day before joining his colleagues in the school. But if your child has pain in the abdomen, but active and not suffering from any other symptoms, he can easily go to school, but if severe abdominal pain, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea must Tstahby the child to consult a doctor.

4 - cough can be transmitted from one child to another, as it will enable the child to sleep quietly and smoothly, which means he will not be able the active waking up to go to school in the morning.

5 - There are some factors, tips and steps that you should teach your child in order to follow when he went to the school, which protects him from a lot of diseases. Scientific your child wash his hands constantly and is one of the most ways by which he can maintain his health and you have to remember your child is always the need to wash hands before eating and after entering the bathroom and after wiping the nose or finished playing abroad.

6 - Make your child takes with him when going to school bottle of hand disinfectant to male kept and be used cleanser before eating his food and after using the computer mouse or purposes, and other tools that may be used by other children. Scientific your child how he covers his nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing and always Amnhah pack wipes kept with him all the time to get rid of the tissue after you use it. Scientific your child is not approaching his hands from his face and his eyes, and not to drink from other bottled water and tools used their food 

The rights and duties of parents
11/6/2013 4:39:00 PM
The rights and duties of parents

In Finland the rights and duties relating to Parents completely equal between them. Father and mother 's right and duty to take care of the physical and psychological health of their child . The task of parents, is the care and upbringing of their child within the perimeter and a safe and stimulating environment , and also gives the opportunity to get the child to study appropriate . In Finland may not use corporal punishment in child-rearing . It must be child-rearing , where it takes the right understanding , security and tenderness.

Mainly the parents the right decision on child care, upbringing , place of residence and other matters related to the child . When you make decisions must take into account also the opinion of the child. During the period of the open - care support to protect the child parents shall have the right to make decisions in all matters relating to children. The legal principle is , that when it is interfering in the affairs of the child, you should always seek to achieve good cooperation with parents. Parent always has the right to make a decision on the religion of their child and religious education .

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Relationship and parenting the child does not end in any way during the trusteeship disarmament and determine the residence, but in this case is to restrict the authority of the decision. The parents remain guardians of the Child, but the social affairs in the municipality is to decide with regard to the place of residence of the child and his care and upbringing and care of it . And is always seeking to make joint decisions in collaboration with parents . With parental during disarmament custody and confinement right to obtain information on their and child to communicate with the child. The parent also has the right to know , what has been written about them and how they were to justify the decision that has been taken .

Always the parents have the right to express their opinion about your child protection work . Sometimes may be child protection procedures , those procedures in which the people have a different opinion . Law determines when you must make a formal decision on the matter and who can make the decision . In law also sets you can challenge the decision . For example Trusteeship disarmament resolution or decision of the selection urgent decisions to stay are the people the right to object to them. The objection must conduct within 30 days of the date of notification of the decision . And officials and has a duty to tell parents about these rights . If parents feel , that it had been wrongly treated , they have the right to communicate with the legal official in the Social Affairs. The legal administrator in parliament watching, the commitment of law officials . The complaint may be directed to him on the subject .

Mandate of the child's
11/6/2013 4:35:00 PM
Mandate of the child's
Intended to state it briefly is to make decisions regarding the child . The child 's guardian responsible for child care , upbringing , care , supervision and the overall . Guardian only the right to obtain information concerning the child by various official bodies . A child born of parents in the legitimacy of the marriage relationship to both parents the right of guardianship on the child. If the child is born of parents as part of a joint life relationship , the child's mother be the guardian parent, unless the parents agree otherwise. In this case you prove paternity and promote the child separately .

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If the parents are separated , is no agreement about the child 's state . Divorce in Finland general case to some extent. Can one spouse or both together for divorce. After a period of six months as an opportunity to think about the divorce is installed , and it becomes valid . In general, after the divorce the mandate of the joint command . This means that parents together decide important matters relating to children , such as educational things , health care or travel. Things the child 's daily life determined by a parent , which has a child is living . For a child who is under the mandate of the joint command can not be taken abroad without the consent of the second party , whether the father or the mother . If the request for the child 's passport , must also be the second party to sign the application . If guardianship joint did not work after a divorce, one can parents request the state child's individual for himself. This means that a parent who has guardianship individual can alone to decide matters relating to children , without the need for handling the matter with the second party. In all cases, must of course be taken into account, that the child has the right to see and meet with both parents .

A child can participate
11/6/2013 4:31:00 PM
A child can participate
Of important principles for the benefit of the child , the child can participate in the study related matters and planning. It also must explain to the child adequately , what will be his and why , in order to be able to form a point of view about things and express them . Every child also always the right to participate in the study of special affairs . There is nothing in this matter of the age limit . The child's opinion and wishes must listen to it , taking into account the age and level of development . For example the feelings of a young child can be discovered and observed through his behavior or game . As for the adult children For staff to tell the child threads in the form in which the child can understand things.

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According to the law of the child , aged 12, say authority in child protection. The power line is intended , that the child 's opinion must be taken into account in matters relating to the protection of children just like adults. Has the right to identify the documents, which it relates is , and should listen to his opinion formally when decisions are made ​​. He can ask for help, and claim services and object to the decisions relating to it. And must give information about the resolution, which will be conducted on the possibility of objection. In other words , that the child involved in the study of matters relating to it personally , this does not mean that a child can decide . But make decisions and take responsibility is a big task .

Interest of the child is the most important
11/6/2013 4:29:00 PM
Interest of the child is the most important
Interest of the child is always a child protection perspective . This means, that child protection staff to evaluate all decisions relating to children , what is the best decision for the benefit of this particular child in this situation the current of life . There is a list in the law on matters , which should be on social affairs officer taken into account , when he resides, you implement the best interests of the child . Should be considered , for example , how different solutions to ensure that the relationship is maintained for the child 's human and those close to him , or how it is child support in terms of language, culture and religion.

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The determination of the interest of the child may be difficult , because it may be different people and different points of view about what is best for the child. The interest of the child does not necessarily mean that decisions are issued and solutions are always compatible with the desire of the child himself or with the desire of his family . Child's opinion is always important , when it is estimated interests of the child , but it is not necessarily the opinion of the child shall be compatible with his interests. Is an employee who resides interests of the child in accordance with the law , and therefore sometimes forced child protection staff to make decisions , it may be for the child or his family opinion .

Work-based child protection law
11/6/2013 4:26:00 PM
Work-based child protection law
Parents and other guardians are the main responsible for the care and upbringing of the Child , however, have the right to get help from the community in carrying out this task. If parents or guardians can not afford to care for some reason the physical and psychological health of their child , then in Finland shall be the duty of society to intervene in the affairs of the family. In this case , the goal of child protection work is to ensure the physical and mental health of the child. Help not always be voluntary, but the Child Protection Act specifies , when staff must protect the child begin to work to protect the child in certain circumstances.

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In Finland all the specific acts of child protection in the Child Protection Act . This means, that the work of child protection staff and decisions are always based on the law. Child Protection Act for all children in our country regardless of their background . In Finland the organization of child protection is the responsibility of the municipalities. Social Affairs staff in the municipality are responsible for child protection.

General Convention for the Rights of the Child
11/6/2013 4:22:00 PM
General Convention for the Rights of the Child
Every child has the right to safe and good childhood . And the right of every child to sponsor and go to school as well as to play and participate . Every child has the right to protection and care . Been grouped together all the rights of the child in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child . Convention is a general perception, what are the rights that must be for a child , regardless of background , such as nationality , religion or economic status family . Convention relating to all children under the age of 18 .

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I have agreed with most of the world almost to this Convention. Finland's General Convention on the Rights of the Child became effective in 1991. Convention as binding law , so that obliges states , municipalities, and public officials , and parents of children and other adults , like other laws. In addition to the General Convention on the Rights of the Child , as well as the laws of Finland included on the Rights of the Child . In the legal legislation in Finland , there are several laws, under which they have to deal with the baby evenly and individually, and everyone must take responsibility evenly.

Secret mother carrying her child on her left hand
10/27/2013 9:02:00 PM

Crying little baby Vtsra the mother bear , etc. left untouched to her
 chest so silent cry! . And if the child is always silent when the mother bear the permanent observation that the mother carrying her child on her left hand , because the mother , when you carry a child in this way put his body close to her heart Will is in need of it? . Yes : Because the heart of the mother 's voice is the first voice he heard the child before he was born , Throughout the period of pregnancy and the baby inside the uterus always be near the mother 's heartbeat Valsaúl " Alaminoc " which is surrounded by a intrauterine holds him regularly these chimes .
Heart rate : a sense of comfort and reassurance

Here we must stand slightly in front of these conditions in which they live fetus He regularly hears the mother 's heartbeat . He gets digested food does not feel hungry and thirsty does not suffer from the temperature difference weather around it fixed, do not refund nor free, and after what occurred birth and came out born to foreign life here may feel cold or heat and here may thirst was hungry and with birth cut off all heard this the sound , which was accompanied by the rest period and therefore the link hear the sound coming from the mother's heart with a sense of comfort makes the child in Ishtiaq permanent hearing this voice that reminded him of respite enjoyable stint in his mother's womb so, when you carry a parent -child proximity to the heart , they give it a sense of comfort The warmth and reassurance , but why do that without mother understand the reality of what is actually happening ? mushroom is the instinct that God Almighty rights .